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The International Yoga Festival is held every year in Rishikesh since 1999. Usually it is organized from 01 March to 07 March. The International Yoga Festival offers the opportunity to participate in yoga classes with world renowned Yoga teachers. Each yoga teacher specializes in some types of yoga such as Kundalini Yoga, Iyengar Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Nad Yoga, Ashtanga Vinisha Yoga, Hath Yoga, Shakti Yoga, Jivamukti Yoga and Raj Yoga. Apart from yoga, classes of meditation and sadhana are also organized since 1999, visitors have increased every year. Now the International Yoga Festival is famous all over the world. During the International Yoga Festival, Rishikesh is filled with various people from all over the world, people of different countries and religions not only see this festival for yoga, but it seems like a cultural festival. Rishikesh is naturally blessed with natural beauty. People like to learn yoga in the world but not in the Rishikesh. This makes Rishikesh the best place for international yoga festival. And among the people, Rishikesh has a different significance which makes Rishikesh different in itself. Yogis from Rishikesh come from abroad to come together to join this yoga festival and join spirituality, knowing and understanding yourself in the Rishikesh. With the knowledge of the spiritual powers hidden within it.
From Swami Vivekananda to Swami Shivananda and their uncountable followers – Rishikesh has acted as the fatherland for people to walk on their spiritual journey.
Rishikesh has some sort of force full of magic. The vibes of this place stretches the sense of understanding every time you visited the Rishikesh. Rishikesh is the place where holy Ganges gives farewell to the vast Himalayas.
In Rishikesh there are so many ashrams that offer yoga classes.

Please keep clean the Ganges, do not dump any plastic in the Ganges.


International Yog festival was started in Rishikesh by Uttar Pradesh Tourism in 1999, when Rishikesh was part of UP (Uttar Pradesh). Then only a few participants visited the festival.
Β The Uttar Pradesh government contacted Parmarth Niketan Ashram in 1999 to host the International Yoga Festival. Under which Yoga participants can live in any hotel in Rishikesh but Yoga classes and satsang programs were organized in Parmarth Niketan Ashram.
The discourse and meditation yogyariya was presented by Shri Bharat Bhushan ji and his team and the yoga posture classes were organized by the revered Shri Swami Ved Bharti ji.
The first international yoga ceremony was led by Uttar Pradesh Tourism Department officials Mr. Ravinder Singh (Director General Tourism), Mr. BM. Vohra (Commissioner of Garhwal) and Mr. R.C. Pandey (assistant director tourism) The Uttar Pradesh government received the best review from the participants in the year 1999. Contributors liked the ashram environment in 1999.
Therefore Uttar Pradesh Tourism offered Ashram International Yoga Festival Package (Yoga, Satsanga and Meditation) in Millennial 2000. Now all the participants were living in the ashram instead of the hotel. All the participants understood that the ashram environment is the best environment for yoga festival rather than the hotel. Dr. Karan Singh Ji came in 2000 as the Chief Guest In 2000, the state of Uttar Pradesh was divided into two states Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand.
Then Rishikesh came under the state of Uttaranchal (Uttarakhand). Uttaranchal Tourism also organized International Yoga Festival 2001 with Parmarth Niketan. In 2002, participants in the same postgraduate leadership were participants in the 2002 International Yoga Festival. According to the participants, 2003 was the best year for International Yoga Festival instead of 2002. This year 130 participants took part in International Yoga Festival. Then in 2003, Parmarth Niketan had also increased in classes.
In 2004, there was a semi Kumbh fair in Haridwar, so the atmosphere was very energetic and divine. Over 150 participants were here from more than 20 countries around the world. Other great saints and yoga practitioners were invited along with Pujya Shree Shankaracharya, Swami Divyaand Teertha in the International Yog Yatra in 2004. Shri N.N. Prasad (Principal Secretary of Tourism and Culture) was also invited by Uttrakhand Tourism. Mr. Sudarshan Agarwal (Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand) was also present at the International Yog Festival 2004. The International Yog Yatra 2005 was inaugurated by Mr Sudarshan Agarwal (Honorable Governor of Uttarakhand), Mr. TPS Rawat (Uttaranchal Government Tourism Minister) and Vivek Oberoi (Bollywood Actor). And her father Suresh Oberoi More than 250 participants participated in this year's International Yoga Festival. In 2006, more than 16 world-famous Yogacharyas and 300 representatives from 28 countries around the world were invited to the International Yog Festival. In 2007, more than 350 participants came from 38 countries around the world for the International Yoga Festival. This year the festival was headed by the same masters as in previous years.
In 2008, more than 500 people from 32 countries around the world participated in International Yoga Festival. Since the International Yoga Festival was increasing every year, more yoga classes were included in the 2009 International Yoga Festival. Year 2010 was the largest year for the International Yoga Festival. In 2010, Maha Kumbh Mela was in Haridwar. People enjoyed both festivals. Maha Kumbh Mela comes after every 12 years. In 2011 and 2012, the International Yoga Festival started some more classes like Satsanga, Lifestyle and Healing. Participants learned techniques to balance life style, yoga asana, mantra / kirtan and musical therapy, or dedicated their energy to make International Yoga Day even more important. Rishikesh is now famous as the best known Yoga Day in the world. It is as if yoga is given important place in Rishikesh, where people of the world come to learn yoga and join this festival.
Now organizes yoga weeks in many places during March 1 - 7. Uttarakhand tourism is no longer organizing the event with anyone.


Rishikesh By Air : The nearest airport is the Jolly Grant Airport at Dehradun (Capital of Uttarakhand). 

Rishikesh By Rail : Rishikesh is well-linked by railway network to the major cities of Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and India. 

Rishikesh By Road : Rishikesh is conveniently connected by roads to the major cities of Uttarakhand and neighboring states. It is connected with cities like Haridwar, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri, Jodhimath, Delhi, etc

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